Warning: Nasty SMS scam with electricity and gas contracts

Beware of calls in which you are offered cheap electricity or gas contracts. This could be a trap. That’s how the scam works.

Consumer advocates from Rhineland-Palatinate warn against electricity and gas supply contracts that are concluded on the phone and which are initially confirmed by SMS or email. Because the subsequent postal contract confirmation suddenly mentions different contract details.

The consumer advocates report that they are currently receiving many complaints about unwanted calls from energy suppliers. These would allegedly offer cheap electricity and gas contracts on the phone. If the customer concludes one of these contracts, the first confirmation would come via SMS or e-mail. But the final, final version of the contract only follows weeks later by post. In this contract version, however, there are different contract conditions, of course to the detriment of the consumer. The customers are thus literally persuaded to conclude a contract and then ripped off with the conditions.

That’s what consumer advocates recommend

The consumer advocates emphasize: “The conditions stated in the SMS or e-mail are binding. If the postal confirmation deviates from this, no contract has been concluded.” The later postal version of the contract is therefore not relevant, only the contract conditions as they are in the first SMS or email count.

Customers can revoke foisted, unclear or unwanted contracts. The consumer advocates provide the necessary sample letters here free of charge.

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