Warning of a deceptively real fake shop that sells PS5

The demand for the PlayStation 5 is still high. The availability of Sony’s new console is still very low. This attracts a lot of fraudsters who are getting bolder and bolder. The PS5 is offered for sale at the web address “”. This is where the fraudsters went to great lengths to deceive fans.

The website was advertised through Google for a short time. For example, if you searched for “Buy PS5”, an ad appeared that redirected users to the wrong store. The official Playstation store was recreated here. It looks like its own website, specifically aimed at European customers.

In addition to the two console versions (PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition), accessories such as the DualSense controller and the Pulse 3D headset are apparently also offered. The prices correspond to the official price recommendations from Sony.

Shop looks “official”

If you scroll to the end of the website, the address of Sony’s headquarters in London is noted. You can find the number of a support hotline, terms and conditions and data protection declarations are available.

If you start an order, in addition to your name, address and telephone number, you must also provide a contact option via a messenger. Only VISA or Mastercard are accepted as payment methods. The site advertises with the security labels “Verified by VISA” and “Mastercard Secure Code”. The payment process apparently takes place via the British bank HSBC. General terms and conditions do not have to be specified.

An order is followed by an email with the order number and the invoice. Users are asked to confirm the payment process with a 2-factor authentication. According to Heise, the website operator tried to debit the account immediately after placing the order. Afterwards there is no further information about the order status. The given contact telephone number leads to Russia.

Website operator is unknown

The company “Sony PS5 Store Europe Ltd”, which apparently operates the shop according to the terms and conditions, is not registered. The support phone number is put on hold and then canceled. A search on the portal revealed who operates the domain is not officially registered. However, Sony official sites are registered under the company name.

There is still no official feedback from Sony as to whether it is a fraud. You should still not order anything via this page. According to the terms and conditions, customers bear full responsibility if the order is lost during transport. The platform could refer to this in the event of complaints.

Fraud warning

While the website was still accessible from the futurezone via Chrome and Firefox without warning, the website cannot be accessed easily via Edge. Microsoft is issuing a warning because the web shop has been reported as dangerous.

It’s not just the well-designed and elaborately designed scam site that is problematic. Sony delivers new consoles to large stores such as Media Markt at irregular intervals. However, you never know when these will go on sale and whether they will be bought up by so-called scrapers with the help of bots.

Therefore, those who have been hoping for a PS5 for months can quickly fall for such tricks, as it is difficult to find out whether a particular store has actually received a new quota. Customers should therefore be particularly careful when buying a new console – even if it is available in sufficient numbers in the future,


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