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The consumer center and the LKA warn of a new scam with a debt collection company.

The Rhineland-Palatinate Consumer Center and the State Criminal Police Office warn of a new scam. As part of the scam, fraudsters sent an alleged letter from the company Member Inkasso AG, which is said to have its headquarters in Berlin, by post. Notes on the envelope such as “Personal delivery” and “No neighborhood delivery” are intended to give the impression of serious mail.

Alleged Service Agreement

In the fraudulent letter of demand, the company explains that the recipient had registered with “Lotto 6 aus 49” by telephone. A service contract was concluded in this way, but Member Inkasso did not provide any further details in the letter. On the basis of the adjusted contract, the demands of which the recipient had not complied with, he had to immediately transfer 316.90 euros to an account with a Greek IBAN number. In order to put the recipient under pressure, the debt collection company threatens a dunning notice, the bailiff, attachments and an entry in the debtor register if payment is not made immediately.

Scammers want to look legitimate

In order to feign seriousness, the fraudsters use the official Lotto logo on the second page and a neutral company logo. The information that Member Inkasso AG is a member of the Federal Association of German Debt Collection Companies should also give a serious impression. However, research by the Rhineland-Palatinate consumer advice center has shown that the company is not listed there, contrary to what is claimed.

Definitely don’t transfer

Both the State Criminal Police Office and the consumer advice center strongly advise recipients of the fraudulent letter not to transfer the requested money. Recipients who have already paid the requested amount should report it to the police. With the collection check of the consumer advice center you can check questionable collection letters free of charge.

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