Warning: Volksbank customers targeted by fraudsters

Phishing emails are currently circulating again, which are supposed to rob Volksbank customers of their data. How to recognize the mails and what to do with them.

The consumer advice center warns of current phishing mails that are intended to deprive Volksbank customers of their data. The procedure is well known. In the email, the recipient is asked to activate the “VR Secure GO” service by a near expiration date. This is done via the link attached to the email, which of course does not lead to a Volksbank service, but to a phishing site that is optically modeled on the Volksbank. If you enter your data there, it will end up directly with the scammers, giving them the opportunity to do mischief with your savings. A screenshot shows the possible structure of the phishing email.

Volksbank customers should pay more attention to phishing mails.


Volksbank customers should pay more attention to phishing mails.

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How to recognize phishing emails

Phishing emails are often easy to spot, but depending on their structure, they can also require a good eye. Always pay attention to the e-mail address of the sender. This often contains the name of the supposed bank to give a serious impression. If you are unsure, google the email address. After looking at the search results, you will know.

The structure of the actual mail can also be an indicator. Phishing emails often attract attention with their confusing structure and spelling mistakes. To exert pressure, a date is often given by which a link in the email must be clicked.

If you have discovered a phishing email in your inbox, do not click on any link in the email and delete it immediately. You can also report received phishing e-mails to the Verbracherzentrale so that they can publish a warning if necessary. To do this, simply forward the e-mail to phishing@

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