Wartburg 1.3 S: The four-stroke Wartburg has less than 30,000 km down

At the end of the GDRcar industry Curious hybrid creatures emerged in Eisenach and Zwickau: Trabant and Wartburg with engines from VW polo. The Hauruck project, which seems strange from today’s perspective, was supposed to make the IFA brands fit for the modern age – and yet it failed on the market. But it also worked extraordinary cars after which enthusiasts lick their fingers today.
For Beginners into the hobby “GDRtechnology“are Trabant 1.1 and Wartburg 1.3 also very interesting. They do not crack, smell and creak as nicely as their bluish, smoking brothers. That’s what the four-stroke engines are for uncomplicated, can be found at the gas pump, for example simple so fill up. EBay is currently a Wartburg 1.3 p offered for sale, which, in addition to these charms, has other qualities that could speak for it!

Wartburg 1.3 S in original condition on eBay

The Wartburg 1.3 S for sale shines in the colour Beige-white. He has a sunroof, dates from 1990 and has only 27,284 kilometers on the clock. The Warti is evidently accident free and not tinkered with. Of the paint is, according to the seller, the first one that was not repainted or added in. The next meeting at the TÜV is due in June 2023. The seller describes the car as technically Top, a fresher service seems to have just happened. Of the 1.3 liter engine seems very healthy, his Plunger shouldn’t clack during a cold start, even after standing for a long time. The inner space describes the seller as “like new”. Remnants of Protective film from the factory are obviously still present on the carpet edges.
eBay Wartburg 1.3 p

The seller took a photograph of the car on offer from front to back. Top!

An original Wartburg 1.3 S in demonstration car condition

In order to document the exceptionally good condition of the car, the seller has almost every detail of the Wartburg photographed. Also a first impression from some neuralgic Place is possible. The photos show a car in excellent condition Top conditionthat would probably crown any collection. A more accurate Check still has to be on site. Mainly because the seller for the car 9800 Euro wants. That is justified if the Wartburg is really in such an exceptional position as described.
eBay Wartburg 1.3 p

Before buying, the first thing you should do is check the body of a Wartburg for rust.

This is what you should know about the Wartburg 1.3 S.

in the inner space a Wartburg is tidy. There is nothing more than what is necessary for driving. Will the Street worseWhen the Eisenacher’s hour strikes: Then the seats swallow the bumps that the suspension couldn’t manage. Historically, the 1.3 makes its own Emergence worth preserving. Of the WartburgEngineers developed Four-stroke for the predecessor 353 were stopped because of too high costs from East Berlin. Irony of fate: The modification The 1.3 front end for the VW engine cost more than its own unit in the end. The hoped for Best seller the four-stroke Wartburg was not, neither as a sedan nor as a station wagon.

Wartburg 1.3 S in original condition on eBay

Technically manageable complex, the car pleases with the fact that one can also do so without vehicle training do a lot yourself can. the Spare part location is less good than the Trabant. This is because the production figures in Eisenach (Wartburg) in Thuringia were significantly lower than in Zwickau (Trabant) in Saxony. Nevertheless, the right Parts get hold of. For example, by getting in touch with other enthusiasts. If it Originals should be from GDR production, all you need is patience.
on a area Before buying a Wartburg, you should definitely pay attention: more possible Rust attack. In addition to fenders and sills, it is especially important to have places like that front Dome and boom as well as the Wishbones to take a look at the back. If something is wrong here, the Wartburg is at least not suitable for driving off – then you have to welded will.

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