Watch Baby Yoda rock along while ‘The Mandalorian’ director Robert Rodriguez plays guitar

The second season of The Mandalarion may already have been done, fortunately that does not mean that we have to do without new images of Baby Yoda. Robert Rodriguez, one of the directors of the series, shared a super cute video of himself playing guitar with Baby Yoda dancing along.

The lead role in The Madalorian may be for Pedro Pascal, for many people Baby Yoda is the real star of the series on Disney +. The little green creature – actually called The Child of Grogu – conquered everyone’s heart from the first episode of the series and still does.

Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian

Robert Rodriguez shared a video of himself with Baby Yoda on Twitter. Rodriguez is the director of the fourteenth episode of The Mandalorian and apparently also a gifted guitar player. In his video we see how he is playing guitar next to Baby Yoda. He clearly can taste that music and moves his head cute to the rhythm. The short film has now been retweeted almost 50,000 times.

“Here’s a Christmas present for anyone who asked me what it’s like hanging out with Baby Yoda on the set of The Mandalorian. View Disney Gallery for more images from behind the scenes, ”the director writes with his video. Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian is a documentary about how the series The Mandalorian is made.

Watch Baby Yoda with director Robert Rodriguez here


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