WATCH – From rolling meatballs to disinfecting everything: 4 weeks in the footsteps of Leuven catering managers Erik and Kevin

Wednesday, April 14: Consultation committee announces reopening of terraces

The two catering operators are anxiously following the press conference of the Consultation Committee. Erik De Rop owns two cafes at “the longest bar in Europe” and is chairman of the Oude Markt non-profit organization. Kevin Vanderauwera runs a brasserie at the station and is chairman of Ho.Re.Ca Leuven. Can the catering industry restart? When? And certainly: how?

Tuesday April 27: “You suddenly feel that positive vibe again”

Now that the reopening has been cautiously announced and the modalities are also known, Erik is starting the first preparations. Today, a gigantic beer tank is being filled in his cafĆ© “Bardot” on the Oude Markt.

Sunday May 2: “Dad is my support and anchor”

Kevin is also taking full action. His brasserie “L’Etoile d’Or” is due for a thorough cleaning after six months of closure. Fortunately, he can count on his family and friends for this.

Tuesday May 4: “Let the people come!”

The finish line is in sight. Kevin and his father are shopping for the opening weekend today. Erik and his team are preparing the terrace in the meantime, but that is not easy in the stormy weather.


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