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During the live Online Seminar, Janneke Willemse will talk to the two experts. As an asset manager, Bob knows the current status of investment country. Because what practical investment opportunities does the current investment landscape offer? Does it actually offer opportunities? He makes a round of various interesting sectors, in which he discusses the best share per investment category. In doing so, he selects his three favorite sectors for the (medium) term.

In addition, Sander van Baren will speak. As head of Sprinters at ING, he knows all about investing with leverage, an ingenious and risky way of responding to price movements. Where are the opportunities and why is it better to be careful with high leverage?

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RTL Z Online Seminars

Every year, RTL Z organizes various online seminars about entrepreneurship, investing and more. In these seminars, viewers can ask questions of their own to the experts in the studio and moderators behind the scenes.

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Investing for beginners: participate in the Stock Market game

Are you considering going on the stock exchange, only you first feel something for the credo ‘practice makes perfect?’ Then the RTL Z Beursspel is for you. The investment game will be played from today until Friday 10 December. Learn to invest without running financial risks. You invest with € 100,000 in play money. Keep an eye on the stock market news, buy or sell shares and learn from the choices you have made. If you end up with the highest investment portfolio in the ranking after the game period, you win a day of life as a millionaire.

Between October 28 and December 10, Janneke Willemse, Jim Tehupuring and Durk Veenstra will update you on the latest stock market news every Thursday at 9:45 and Friday at 9:15 during Beursspel TV on RTL Z and the experts give specific game tips, so that you can you can increase your return and how you can take the step to invest in real life after the Stock Market Game.

Register here for the Beursspel (you can register during the entire playing period).

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