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Watch out for streaming fans: you should know about TV Now

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  • Linear television is increasingly being replaced by streaming services.
  • But both offers have advantages – so why not combine them?
  • TV Now * does just that. Here’s what you need to know about the service.

You want to stream series, shows and films online and also want to watch television programs in the livestream? Then take a closer look at TV Now *. At TV Now you can watch complete series, watch daily soaps or continue your education with exciting documentaries. You can get it all when and where you want it – what more could you want?

What is TV Now?

TV Now * is the streaming service of the RTL stations (for example RTL, RTL II, Super RTL, Nitro, VOX or n-tv). With TV Now, you have the option of streaming films and series up to seven days after they are broadcast on television (some content is also available over a longer period or even permanently). You can choose between different offers: the free package and the paid premium offer.

What is the content on TV Now?

TV Now * offers you German series such as “The Teacher” or “Magda does it” as complete seasons in the online video store. Soap fans are of course also taken care of, because you can watch long-running favorites as well as “good times, bad times”, “everything that counts” or “Berlin day & night”. But that’s not all! In addition, there are the latest episodes of “Germany is looking for the superstar”, “The jungle camp” or “The cave of the lions” – both in the live stream and on demand. And sports fans will also get their money’s worth (if sports are on again): TV Now shows you the games of the German national soccer team, top games of the UEFA Europa League and exciting Formula 1 races.

No, that’s still not all (but we’re almost through). Because the contents of RTL, VOX, RTL II, Nitro, n-tv, Super RTL, RTLplus, Now, TOGGO plus, RTL Crime, RTL Passion, RTL Living, GEO Television and Watchbox are accompanied by films of all genres and top series such as “Grey’s Anatomy”, “The Good Doctor”, “Alarm for Cobra 11” or “Club of the Red Bands”.

What does the free version of TV Now offer?

To use the free version of TV Now *, all you have to do is register and select the free offer. Unfortunately, you cannot watch live streams with this and you have to do without the TV Now app, but you can see the program highlights online at least seven days after the TV broadcast. There is also a wide range of series, shows, news, magazines and documentaries waiting for you – and it’s completely free.

What are the advantages of the TV Now premium offer?

The TV Now * premium package gives you access to an archive with over 500 formats. Look forward to series, films and documentaries in HD quality. In addition, you can see with the TV Now Originals package, only get one commercial shown before playing the content and can use the TV Now app. You also have the choice of 14 livestreams and see complete seasons of your favorite series. The best thing about TV Now Premium? You have the opportunity to watch selected episodes before the TV broadcast.

You can test the premium package free of charge for 30 days. When you get the taste, you pay 4.99 euros a month.

What is TV Now Premium +?

Yes, it gets even better, because TV Now also has Premium + * on offer. With Premium + you enjoy further advantages over the premium membership. You can stream in parallel on different devices, see almost all content without ads and can even watch many titles in the original version. You can also try Premium + for 30 days to see if it is right for you. After that, the service costs 7.99 euros per month. Our insider tip: The introduction of a download function for TV Now Premium + subscribers is planned for the end of 2020 – you shouldn’t miss this!

How can I cancel TV Now Premium and Premium +?

After you have tested TV Now Premium * or Premium + * for 30 days free of charge, your subscription will automatically be extended and you will pay either 4.99 euros per month (Premium) or 7.99 euros per month (Premium +). If you do not want to extend the free trial or after a few months notice that the service is not the right thing for you, you can of course cancel it online (not in the app). You can cancel your subscription at any time with a period of 30 days (your subscription will therefore still be 30 days after you cancel).


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