Watch RTL online – that’s how the live stream works

Stream your favorite series on RTL easily over the Internet – whether on TV, mobile phone or notebook. We show how to do it.

Popular programs and soaps such as “DSDS”, “Let’s Dance” and “Alles was geht” are shown on RTL. So that you never miss your favorite shows again, we will show you various ways in which you can also watch RTL online and, above all, live, for example on your mobile phone or laptop.

Stream RTL in the browser

If you want to receive RTL independently of a cable connection or satellite, you can also stream the station in the browser. All of the RTL Mediengruppe’s free and pay TV channels are available live on TV Now, but you need one for this

Premium package

for 4.99 euros / month.


Connect your laptop to the television if you want to watch the stream (depending on the resolution and bandwidth) in a larger format. This is even easier with smart TVs because the browser is already integrated and can start the stream directly.

Watch RTL via DSL connection

The larger providers such as Vodafone or Telekom offer so-called IPTV offers, via which TV stations such as RTL can be streamed live. It is important to know, however, that some of these offers have certain connection requirements and can therefore be provider-specific.

The three most important

IPTV provider


Watch RTL online via streaming providers

Similar to TV Now, there are also other streaming packages and providers that you can use to watch RTL online. The best and most popular streaming apps are:

  • Zattoo with the premium package for 9.99 euros / month or higher

  • with the comfort package for 5.99 euros / month or higher

  • the MagentaTV app (Telekom) or GigaTV app (Vodafone) in the standard or basic package from 10 euros / month; A landline connection is not required when using the app


Who not only enjoy the live stream from RTL, but also

Record broadcasts

and would like to stream later, the “Ultimate” package from Zattoo or the two packages “Comfort” and “Perfect Plus” from are ideal. They also offer programmed recordings, which can then be called up online.

Stream RTL abroad

Abroad, the live stream of German broadcasters such as RTL can be problematic due to various license rights. The easiest way to get around this case is to use a VPN client. If you don’t have one yet, our article may help you: The best VPN services in comparison.

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