Watch the Instagram story secretly – this is how it works anonymously

There is a trick you can use to anonymously view other users’ Instagram stories without them noticing. We show you how it works.

In addition to classic photo and video posts that are permanently displayed in a user’s Instagram profile, there are so-called “stories” on Instagram. You can publish photos, videos, texts, surveys and more, which are only visible there for 24 hours and then automatically disappear again. If you look at someone’s Instagram story, this will be shown to them. If you wish to remain anonymous, there is a simple solution to secretly view a user’s Instagram story without them knowing about it.

Instagram Story Viewer in the browser

There are some websites on the Internet, so-called Instagram Story Viewer, that specialize in exactly this topic. The pages access the Instagram interface (API) and can thus display the profiles of Instagram users, including their story content. You can even download the stories. Please note, however, that the rights always lie with Instagram or the creators.

We tried different Instagram story viewers, many of them are quite slow or not stable. The best we find is the Story Viewer Dumpor (previously SmiHub). You don’t need to sign in or register, the website is free. Of course, you can only see the stories and feed content of people who show their profile “publicly”. Here’s how you can secretly watch Instagram stories:

  1. Open the Dumpor website in the browser on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

  2. In the text field “Search instagram profile” enter the Instagram name of the desired user and tap / click on “Search”.

  3. You will now be shown different profiles with similar names or even the right profile, tap / click on the user account you are looking for.

  4. Scroll down a bit and you will see the persistent feed posts. Tap / click here on the button “Show @[Instagram-Name] Stories “.

With an Instagram story viewer like SmiHub, you can view user stories anonymously.


With an Instagram story viewer like SmiHub, you can view user stories anonymously.

Now you can select and view the individual stories. If it is videos, you have to start it via the “Play” symbol. To close a story, tap / click the “X” in the top right corner. To download a story, select the appropriate symbol with the “down arrow”. You can get to the next story by simply swiping left and right in the smartphone browser. You can use the arrow keys on the PC.

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