Water board bank reports fraud | Financial

NWB Bank says it made a payment on the basis of forged documents. The bank does not comment on what exactly took place. “Not all facts and circumstances surrounding this transaction are clear yet,” said NWB Bank in a brief press release. “NWB Bank has informed the relevant regulators and immediately started an investigation.”

Due to the declaration and the investigation initiated by the Public Prosecution Service, NWB Bank does not want to make any further statements about the case. However, making payments on the basis of forged documents suggests that the bank has become a victim of so-called ‘CEO fraud’.

An employee at the financial administration of a company receives an e-mail from a supervisor, who asks to transfer a substantial amount. In reality, this is a fake email from a scammer that is barely distinguishable from real.

According to NWB Bank, the possible damage has no material effect on the financial position of the bank.


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