Water police will check with drones more often

The check with a drone is a good addition to regular checks and surveillance on the water, according to the police.

The water police and the National Police Unit checked a total of 150 vessels with a drone in July, August and the first half of September. This resulted in 56 fines for, among other things, sailing too fast and water skiing in places where this is not allowed.

Controls were carried out above the Rhine, at the recreation lake Rhederlaag, above the Randmeren and in Giethoorn. “With the help of images from the drone, which flies high above the water and the bank, the water police detects violations. At that time, the employees of the water police are often on the bank or elsewhere on the water.”

“During regular inspections we often see that water sports enthusiasts behave properly as soon as they see us. And that they warn each other when we are on the water. With the drone we can invisibly detect a violation and then go for it,” said the police.

The drone will be deployed in a larger area next summer.


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