Water polo coach Van der Meer: Croatia quickly closed

Water polo coach Harry van der Meer thought it was great how the Orange squad won in the Olympic qualifying tournament in Romania on Tuesday (9-8). “If you look at the course of the game, we had to switch quite a lot tactically,” he said. Jorn Winkelhorst dropped out due to problems with his eardrum. We did some puzzling and doing, but luckily it turned out well. I am very proud of the team how they fought to the end and how they held up. ”

The day before, the Orange was beaten 25-8 against strong Croatia. Van der Meer: “The chance that you will win that game is small. Yesterday we did not waste too many words on that. This has happened and there are more games to come. I was convinced that today we will have a other spirit would begin. We closed it and kept going. “

Van der Meer hopes that Winkelhorst has recovered in time to continue the tournament. “My experience does say that if you package that properly, you can play. If not, it is a loss. If he cannot play, the next plan is ready.”

Jesse Koopman scored the winning goal against the Romanians 4 seconds before the end. “We have a team that never gives up. Of course it is a loss if you lose Winkelhorst. We knew then that we had to fight for each other a bit more. We knew that we had to help each other even more and go the extra mile.”


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