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Waylon defends choice to dismiss Voice favorites

The Voice Of HollandJudge Waylon has defended his choice to dismiss candidates Senja and Sezina. According to many viewers, it is not justified that ‘the big contenders for the win’ have been sent home.

“Maybe I’ve made choices that some people don’t understand. I will explain myself further! ”, Waylon writes on Instagram. He says 16-year-old Sezina is a “great talent” with a “voice that impresses us all.”

Not being ready

Despite that, Waylon decided not to take her to the live shows. According to him, Sezina is not ready yet. “I want her to have a future filled with gold and platinum and from the reactions she doesn’t have to worry about that. However? What I especially want her to do is that she can be a 16-year-old girl and can take a break from everything that is expected of her, because in my opinion she cannot yet meet that expectation. ”

Jury member Anouk, like many viewers at home, did not seem to agree with this decision. When Waylon announced his decision, she rolled her eyes and hung her head. Many viewers stated on social media that they did not agree with the decision. They see Sezina as the obvious winner of the program.

‘She doesn’t need The Voice’

In addition to Sezina, favorite Senja also had to leave the field. According to Waylon, she doesn’t need The Voice. “Behind the wheel, you determine your destination… Senja is behind the wheel and knows where to go. I saw that very well and luckily I have contact with her a few times a week and we are busy making a record ”, says Waylon. “She writes great songs! I wish everyone the very best, but above all I wish everyone what they think is best! ”

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Waylon defends choice to dismiss Voice favorites Senja and Sezina


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