Waylon responds to bumblebees after sending Voice favorites away

Waylon decided last night to send two favorites home, but he has his reasons for that, he now says. He calls Sezina a “great talent” with a “voice that impresses us all” yet he says she’s not ready yet. “I wish her a future filled with gold and platinum and from the reactions she doesn’t have to worry about that. Right? What I especially wish her is that she can be a 16-year-old girl and get away from it. everything that is expected of her, because in my opinion she cannot yet meet that expectation. “

Waylon says about Senja that she The Voice does not need. “You determine your destination behind the wheel … (…) Senja is behind the wheel and knows where to be. to make a record, “said Waylon. “She writes great songs! I wish everyone the very best, but especially what they think is best!”

Viewers were not at all pleased with Waylon’s choice last night. On Twitter it erupted:

Watch last night’s episode here.


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