We are debiting considerably less since the stricter corona measures

The total amount that the Dutch spend has remained more or less the same in recent weeks. But there is a clear difference between how much we spend on products, such as in supermarkets and hardware stores, and on services, such as in the hospitality industry. ING reports this on the basis of transaction data.

Since the stricter corona measures came into effect on November 13, we have continued to spend roughly the same in food and clothing stores. But our spending on services has fallen by about 15 percent.

catering industry

Services include restaurants, cafes and theatres. But it also includes drinks that you order in a sports canteen of the hockey club or in the casino. The debit card turnover was already almost 25 percent below the pre-corona level before the stricter measures were taken, but it is now almost 60 percent.

The decline in debit card turnover in the catering industry is easily explained, says Martin van Garderen, economist at ING Bank. The catering industry has to close at 8 p.m., so after that time consumers simply can’t pay anything anymore. Casinos also have to close earlier, so there is also less turnover.

Hairdressers and saunas

Contact professions are also taking a hit. This applies to hairdressers and saunas, among other things. These have to close at 6 p.m. since November 13.

It is logical that turnover in supermarkets remained the same, says Van Garderen. We have to keep eating. Since we have to work from home more and are no longer allowed to go to a cafe, restaurant or casino in the evening, there is also much less debit card payment at gas stations and parking lots.

Online stores benefit

Unlike in physical stores, we do spend more online: 30 percent no less than since the stricter measures came into effect.

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