We buy even more online (and complain about it more and more)

And that’s a lot of complaints, because about 11.7 million people bought something this year from a webshop or online service. That amounts to 77 percent of all Dutch people who are older than 12, reports the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). The statistical office asked 6000 Dutch people about their online shopping behavior in the first three months of this year.

The number of Dutch people who buy things online, reserve a concert ticket or order food has been on the rise for years. In 2015, just over half of Dutch people over the age of 12 did this, compared to 71 percent last year. This year, this has again increased rapidly.

Annoyance number 1: too late

And that also applies to the number of complaints. In 2019, 51 percent of those surveyed complained, this year it has risen to 56 percent. Biggest annoyance: When the ordered pair of shoes, jacket or pizza is late. Two out of five complaints are about this.

Failing technology on the web shop, for example when payment has to be made, is also a major stumbling block. Consumers complain about this even more often than about damaged or incorrectly delivered goods or information about warranty that is difficult to find.

Not surprisingly, the respondents were also unhappy with the difficulties they encountered when they wanted to complain that something was wrong.

Impact corona measures

But a lot is also going well, as evidenced by the increase in the number of online shoppers. This increase cannot be seen separately from the corona measures.

In the first two months of this year, shops were closed, except for supermarkets. Shopping was only allowed again at the beginning of March, provided that an appointment was made. And the catering industry was still closed, the terraces were only allowed to open again from the end of April.

Shoes and furniture

This is reflected in the categories of best-selling online products, where clothing, shoes and accessories such as jewelry top the list. The dense catering industry can also be seen, almost half of shoppers sometimes bought food online.

The fact that there was little to do outdoors in terms of entertainment is reflected in even more ways. The number of people shopping online for furniture or something for the garden rose.

Series and movies

Just like the number of people who bought a service online, a separate category at CBS. Movies, series and music were especially popular via a streaming service. Tickets for the cinema, sports match or concert were sold much less. Quite wiedes, everything was closed after all.

The amount people spend has also gone up. A quarter of the respondents spent more than 500 euros on their purchase. In 2020 that was still a fifth. The largest group, of 42 percent, keeps it at an amount of between 100 and 500 euros.

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