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We do the most online dating on the first Sunday of the year

Just after the turn of the year, that’s when we do online dating most often. On the first Sunday of the year, that is. Tomorrow, during “Dating Sunday”, a record number of matches and exchanges of telephone numbers are expected.

Dating app Inner Circle even predicts an increase in matches between singles by 242 percent. It has not been an easy year, in terms of dating, but 2021 starts with a big high. Who knows, maybe you just get the phone number of your dream man, or you get a zoom date with the woman of your dreams.

According to the app, January is the month for dating because singles, now more than ever, are bound to make their new love in 2021.

New rounds, new opportunities

Maybe your relationship broke up because of the lockdown – sitting on each other’s lips 24/7 isn’t usually positive – or the lockdown didn’t allow you to date much. Due to less cockdown in lockdown, there was even a masturbation peak during the first corona wave.

2021 therefore means: new rounds, new opportunities. Inner Circle predicts a record of activities, matches between singles and new registrations this year compared to an average winter Sunday. In addition to a 242 percent increase in matches, there will also be a 54 percent increase in the number of singles starting dating apps. About 61 percent more messages are sent, and 69 percent (appropriate figure) more telephone numbers are exchanged.

“Everything for a successful love year”

David Vermeulen, founder of Inner Circle, says that the past few months have been remarkably busy: “Due to all the measures against the corona virus and closed catering, we expect the highest peak ever in terms of activity in our app this time. In fact, we predict Dating Sunday will be the start of Dating January this year as after nearly a year in Corona, singles will go all out for a successful year in love affairs. ”

To predict what 2021 will be like as a dating year, we looked at last year and the recent figures in all countries where Inner Circle is active. “In addition to the 242% increase in the number of matches on that Sunday, we expect the entire month of January to be quite busy. The Netherlands is one of the most active countries on this day. We therefore hope for many great matches! ”, Says Vermeulen.

Since the outbreak of the virus, the online activity of singles has changed. Previously, the peak was mainly in the weekend – because free, so time to have drinks – now singles are also more active during the week. But Sunday remains the absolute favorite day for (online) dating.

Success tips

Do you also plan to “hunt” tomorrow? Inner Circle dating expert Charly Lester shares her tips for finding your success match:

  • “Dating Sunday is a special occasion. Think of it as an opportunity to try something different – whether it’s giving people who aren’t normally “your type” a chance or taking the first step. ”
  • “The algorithm of dating apps means: the more active you are, the more visible. Increase your chances by refreshing your profile and liking potential matches. ”
  • “Stick around for the evening shift: Inner Circle predicts that most singles will be active between 9pm and 11pm.”

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We do the most online dating on the first Sunday of the year


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