We go to Paris: all corona tests in Tour de France negative

Today’s Tour de France starts its third and final week. This is done with a full platoon. The corona tests on the second day of rest all turned out to be negative, so that no teams, riders or staff members had to go home.

Riding through France for more than three weeks with a peloton of about 175 riders and a multitude of staff, while more and more regions in the country are turning red… it sounds like an absurd undertaking. Yet it increasingly looks like the Tour de France and organizer ASO will succeed.

Yesterday – Monday – it was the second rest day in the Tour and that means that everyone has to undergo another corona test. Last week, that meant that four staff members had to go home. Tour boss Christian Prudhomme also turned out to be infected. Fortunately, the riders were spared from infections.

785 tests

This time there was even better news. The 785 tests that were taken from all riders, staff members and staff all turned out to be negative.

“ASO and UCI would like to thank all teams for their cooperation and for the vigilance they have shown and will continue to show until Paris,” the organization wrote in a press release. So it looks like we will complete the Tour de France in full. The cycling race in Paris ends on Sunday.


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