We have never paid so much contactlessly as now, due to the corona crisis

Contactless payment was an evolution that was in progress anyway, but the corona crisis has given that evolution an extra boost.

Isabelle Marchand of Febelfin: “36 percent of all card payments are now contactless. That was only 16 percent in February. You are there with an increase of 20 percent in a few months. That’s something we couldn’t have achieved without those corona measures. “

Many people are skeptical about contactless payment. Because you don’t have to enter any code, you just have to hold your card to the terminal. For example, you can spend 50 euros per payment, with a maximum of 100 euros per day. “But many traders urged customers to pay contactless during the corona crisis. It was one of the corona measures to pay as hygienically as possible. Because you don’t have to touch anything. That’s why many people took that step for the first time,” says Isabelle Marchand.

Due to the corona crisis, the limit for contactless payments has been raised to 50 euros per purchase. It is not yet clear whether this will remain the case. That is still being evaluated. For higher amounts you have to enter your code anyway if you want to pay by card.

The number of regular card payments, with code, is now higher than in February and the number of cash withdrawals has decreased by 30 percent.

Is it safe to pay contactless?

Many people fear that contactless payment is not safe. After all, you don’t need a code to use your card for a purchase. If a thief steals your bank card, he can pay up to 50 euros at a time without a code, with a maximum of 100 euros per day. But Isabelle Marchand reassures consumers: “The abuses are very limited. We have not received any reports of fraud and no complaints have yet been reported to the ombuds service of the financial sector.


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