We name 5 reasons why you need an Ecovacs vacuum robot

We give you five good reasons for buying a robot vacuum cleaner. Current models such as the Deebot T10 offer some new strengths.

Housework is tiresome, time-consuming and poorly paid or not paid at all. It’s no wonder that more and more machines, such as washing machines and dishwashers, are doing this work for you. It’s hard to imagine today that you spend days at the washboard or kneading bread dough – this may soon also apply to vacuuming and wet mopping. Today, a robot vacuum cleaner from the Deebot T10 series just presented still looks like luxury. But he can also save you a lot of working time – which you can use more sensibly.

There are 5 good reasons to buy a robot vacuum cleaner

First reason: You save a lot of time

Even if you belong to the minority that likes to vacuum the apartment: cleaning an apartment is time-consuming. In addition to vacuuming itself, this also includes preparing the apartment, and after vacuuming, the vacuum cleaner must be put away and emptied. If you vacuum several times in a week, you will accumulate a lot of unpaid working hours – especially if you live in a larger apartment or house. A device like the Deebot T10 Turbo can not only save you work when vacuuming and mopping your home: the two versions Deebot T10 Turbo and Deebot T10 Plus come with a docking station that saves you more time. In the top model T10 Turbo, which is designed for wet mopping, the docking station even cleans and dries the integrated mop. You only need to replace the water about once a month. The second model, T10 Plus, specialized in vacuum cleaning, can collect up to 60 days of vacuumed dust in its docking station.

The top model Deebot T10 Turbo offers a complex wet wiping function with two rotating brushes. The docking station takes care of cleaning, drying and refilling the water tank.


The top model Deebot T10 Turbo offers a complex wet wiping function with two rotating brushes. The docking station takes care of cleaning, drying and refilling the water tank.

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Second reason: He cleans the apartment in your absence

A touchy subject: cleaning the apartment is important, but it bothers even family members who do not help with it. A Deebot not only works independently, it can do this if you wish, while you or other family members are not in the apartment. So you won’t be bothered by the noise of the vacuum cleaner at the end of the day, or you won’t have to avoid a cleaning crew with a mop and vacuum cleaner.

The new Deebot T10 family makes planning particularly easy for you: A new, particularly powerful AI chip is installed in the models, thanks to which the Deebot automatically recognizes objects and records the apartment precisely with a mapping sensor and a camera. The system plans the cleaning automatically via AIVI 3.0, but you can also plan specific cleanings via the app – using automatically created 2D and 3D maps of your apartment.

Third reason: It cleans thoroughly and as often as you want

With the current models, the cleaning performance is excellent – and your robot also cleans the apartment as often as you want. For example, if you are prone to allergies, you can have it vacuumed through the apartment every day during the flowering period and really suck up all the street dust, animal hair, pollen or biscuit crumbs that have been carried in from outside. An air filter that removes micro dust and allergens is also integrated. Thanks to a new, improved motor, the cleaning performance is beyond all doubt. A model from the Deebot T10 series automatically adjusts the suction power of up to 3000 pa to the surface. Do you not only have carpets, but also tiles and a hallway that gets dirty quickly? The Turbo also uses the “Ozmo Turbo 2.0 Rotating Mopping” system. It consists of rotating textile brushes that work like a mop and are moistened by an integrated water tank. Up to 180 revolutions per minute and a compressive force of up to 6N guarantee that the turbo can cope with stubborn dirt.

Fourth reason: He does what you say

A fair division of housework is hardly possible and is always a reason for family quarrels. Many families have a dishwasher to avoid discussions about washing up. But a Deebot doesn’t care if he just wiped your apartment and hours later it’s full of cookie crumbs, street dust and animal hair. He simply sucks through again when called, doesn’t take offense and doesn’t forget any promises.

Even the question of who is operating the Deebot is easily solvable – anyone can do that. Thanks to voice control, which has been further improved in the Deebot T10, the device understands natural commands and can automatically locate the speaker. A command like: “Okay Yiko, come and clean the hallway” is enough. The command is recorded via three microphones, converted into text by an AI and understood – even more complex commands.

Fifth reason: It offers more features like live video

But the Deebot can not only vacuum. If necessary, you can use the vacuum cleaner robot app to check that everything is all right in your apartment. The Deebot can transmit the live video image to your smartphone, and you can even use the app to talk to someone in the apartment using the microphone and camera. Your Deebot becomes a communication device! But you don’t have to worry about your robot spying on you. The camera cannot be activated secretly, activation is always indicated by a voice message and a signal lamp next to the camera. Data protection and security have been specially certified by TÜV Rheinland.

Here you can get the T10 Turbo for 999 euros

Here you can get the T10 Plus for 799 euros

Here you can get the T10 for 699 euros

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