We need to be greener faster | This is how entrepreneurs win the battle for personnel | And actions at academic hospitals

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We need to talk about the climate. The UN is updating us on CO2 emissions. One thing is clear: we have to go greener faster. The International Energy Agency is therefore also telling us how today. Will it inspire world leaders? They will also talk about it at the end of this month. The promises are there, but the lobby for coal and oil is rock solid.

And then there is the other energy crisis: expensive gas in Europe. That’s what European ministers are talking about today. The Dutch can already count on compensation. But what else can we do at European level to reduce that bill? The European Commission came up with tips earlier, but they were not spectacular.

It is doom and gloom in the labor market, but not for all entrepreneurs. In fact, some people’s inboxes are overflowing with job applications. How? With a family feeling, a real mission and the magic word internships, these entrepreneurs know how to go a long way in the battle for staff. Now you.

The staff of the teaching hospitals in the Netherlands is taking action. They demand more wages and measures against the high workload. On Tuesday, the participants will work a Sunday shift: all planable care will be cancelled. In the meantime, the IC departments in the Netherlands are again full of corona patients, despite the high vaccination rate.

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This piece was the most shared yesterday:
Thumbs down for Facebook. The company has been under fire for weeks and sticks one scandal after another. In the midst of that chaos, Facebook would think of a name change. Experts doubt whether that benefits the reputation. “Mark Zuckerberg has to clean up his mess first.”

We think you should also read this:
The recruiters are flying around some employees. They often actively approach candidates via LinkedIn or email. In doing so, they regularly miss the mark. “The recruiters talk about a potential match, but usually I see zero leads.”

And this you may have missed last night:
Elon Musk became $14 billion richer yesterday after Tesla’s share price rose on a mega-order from car rental company Hertz for 100,000 electric cars. Speaking of the climate: all employees of SpanX, a fashion brand that sells correction underwear, will receive a first-class plane ticket, among other things.

This could come along at the coffee machine:

Good day!

ps Almost 80 percent of the Dutch population is fully vaccinated. That is quite high, but Portugal is head and shoulders number 1 in Europe with a vaccination rate of more than 90 percent. The Netherlands can learn this from the pricking champion.

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