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We prefer to celebrate holidays in our own country this summer

If everyone is allowed to travel abroad again after 15 May, most Dutch people still prefer a ‘safe holiday’ in their own country.

Just the idea for many. Pack your bags carefree (or with a little stress). Either way: with a view of the sun, the sea or a wonderful city trip.

Going on holiday again after May 15?

After May 15, we may be able to go on holiday abroad again. Who knows, we may hear more about this when outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Corona Minister Hugo de Jonge hold a subsequent press conference on Tuesday. That press conference is not yet definitely on the cabinet’s agenda. However, De Jonge announced on Monday that he expects to come up with travel advice for the (summer) vacation next week. Recently, the minister made a call for vaccinations, so that more is possible more quickly.

Where do we have a holiday?

The average Dutch person does not yet know whether he or she will immediately go to a distant destination with a positive travel advice. No, much more is thought of a holiday in your own country or just across the border. This is evident from the Holiday Trademark Survey by Hendrik Beerda Brand Consultancy among 12,000 Dutch people. Those who do cross the border prefer the car to the plane. The Ardennes and Germany are then seen as the safest options.

“The corona year has clearly made us more cautious. The Dutch prefer to play it safe this summer when it comes to the holiday destination, ”says brand advisor Hendrik Beerda. “Even the holidaymakers across the border don’t get much further than the ‘safe havens’ of Germany and the Ardennes. We have to refuel for a while before we leave en masse again by plane to faraway places. ”

Veluwe favorite region for young and old

As a holiday location among seniors, the Veluwe seems to benefit most from the caution in bookings. Although they find the catering industry here very meager, the natural beauty with the walking and cycling possibilities makes this region the favorite holiday destination. Young adults may also find the Veluwe the most beautiful region, but – after all the corona restrictions – they prefer a party to rest. A city trip is clearly at the top of the wish list of 18 to 30 year olds, preferably in Amsterdam.

Favorite destinations

Hendrik Beerta has put together a top 10 of favorite destinations for a holiday in Corona time.

1. The Netherlands in general
2. Veluwe
3. Limburg
4. Gelderland
5. Ardennes
6. South Limburg
7. North Brabant
8. Zeeland
9. Germany
10. North Holland

Hugo de Jonge wants to introduce a vaccination passport on June 21

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We prefer to celebrate holidays in our own country this summer


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