We want to isolate, but waiting times are increasing

Gas prices are skyrocketing and electricity is also becoming more expensive. So it’s high time to see if you can insulate your house even better, so that you can save on your energy costs. But you’re not the only one who thinks that.

You can of course go big. For example, you can insulate cavity walls, or insulate your roof or floor. But it will take another month or two or three before your house is insulated if you have it done. And those waiting times will increase quickly, the industry believes.

‘A lot of demand’

“We expect that rising energy prices will lead to an unprecedented increase in the number of insulation orders,” says Piet-Jan Dijkstra, chairman of Venin, the Association of recognized insulation companies.

Traditionally, the demand for insulation rises when the heating season starts, but there is already a 10 percent increase in the demand for insulation compared to the same period last year, so without seasonal effect, says Dijkstra. He expects the large increase when consumers receive the bill from their energy supplier, so that is early next year.

“Normally the applications for insulation double around this time, but now that the gas price is rising so much, there is even a fivefold increase, which is really special,” adds Rick Takkenkamp of insulation company Takkenkamp Groep.

‘Lack of staff’

According to Dijkstra, the problem is that companies in the sector are struggling with ‘a structural lack of skilled personnel’.

Most demand is traditionally for cavity wall and floor insulation, according to Dijkstra. These are cheaper than roof and glass insulation. “But in recent weeks, the demand for those four types of insulation has not changed much.”

Gamma: Demand has doubled

The easiest way is of course to apply draft strips and radiator foil yourself. Demand for this has doubled compared to the same period last year, says Laurens Miedema, spokesperson at Intergamma, the company behind Gamma and Karwei DIY stores.

“The demand for radiator foil has increased the most, we had to order a lot more,” says Miedema. Demand at Gamma has been increasing since the beginning of this month, according to Miedema. That is just around the time that the higher price of gas and electricity was more in the news.

Praxis does say that there is a somewhat higher demand, but whether there is also an increase compared to the same period last year, the company does not yet have figures about.

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