Wear OS clone is currently being downright destroyed by the press

Is it really a good idea that every smartphone manufacturer now also offers their own wireless headphones or smartwatches? Although there are always good devices and positive examples, there is a fundamental problem with brands like OnePlus. Often their devices apart from the smartphones are at best okay, but not good enough for an unreserved recommendation.

The verdict on the OnePlus Watch is not that positive, the Wear OS clone is currently being downright destroyed by the international press. The headlines and teasers already say, for example, “Big, basic, boring” or “This is the worst smartwatch I’ve ever used”. OnePlus seems to have made the mistake of not offering good hardware on the one hand, and delivering a bad copy of Wear OS with numerous errors on the other.

“OnePlus Watch cloned Wear OS, but made it worse”

Even the simplest functions such as “Always On” are missing, although the OnePlus Watch has an OLED display. Due to its own software, support for third-party apps is not available and is not expected in the future. Not even Spotify. Other points are the incorrect synchronization of notifications, and notifications cannot simply be wiped away.

In the end, there is even a lack of very simple things, because the OnePlus Watch doesn’t even count steps correctly and differs greatly from other devices. For such a watch that is geared towards these basics, because otherwise it cannot do much more, that is of course a big minus point on top of that. Apart from a lot of other things that some colleagues record in their reviews and videos.

OnePlus Watch in the video

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