Website shows faces of Capitol stormers and bystanders

The creators of the website have, according to tech magazine Wired exploited the vast amount of data and photos hackers have previously stolen from Parler, a controversial alternative to Facebook and Twitter popular among far-right supporters of former President Donald Trump.

827 videos

In that hack, a total of 70 terabytes of data would have been stolen. Including 827 videos taken during and before the storming of the Capitol on January 6. Five people were killed in the storm.

Images show that it could have ended even more seriously:

In the meantime, a site has been launched that shows nothing but six thousand images of all the faces that can be seen on these stolen videos. Each face has a code that refers to the video in which this person can be seen.

No difference

Apart from the privacy issues of the site, there is one more problem. The website shows all faces and thus does not distinguish between people who have used violence and people who have demonstrated peacefully outside, or were just bystanders.

“Anyone who participates in violence, which is basically an uprising, should be held accountable,” one of the creators told Wired, who wants to remain anonymous and only let go of being a student in the Washington DC region.

Report to the FBI

He says he wants to build an extra function to make the distinction between violent insurgents and bystanders. Until then, he asks visitors to the site not to investigate themselves, but only to report people they recognize to the federal police department FBI.

Parler was taken offline after the storm by Amazon, among others, because the platform would have done too little to combat violent content. On Monday, Parler director John Matze said that the social medium will be fully available again ‘soon’. According to him, Parler has 12 million users.


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