Weird innovation spotted in Windows 11 22H2 – what is Microsoft thinking?!?

Windows 11 22H2 contains a previously unknown innovation for the desktop. This feature makes us shake our heads!

Microsoft has revealed the approximate launch date of Windows 11 Version 22H2 and we have already taken a detailed look at the planned innovations. However, Windows 11 22H2 apparently contains a new function that has not yet been announced and that can be activated in the latest preview versions. In addition to Windows Spotlight (which is already being delivered as an optional update), Windows 11 users should be able to beautify their desktops with “Windows Stickers” in the future. At least that’s what Windowslatest reports.

WTF Microsoft!?!

And the description of the new feature makes us shake our heads in confusion… Why? Well – after what is previously integrated in the pre-release version of Windows 11 22H2, users can only place pre-made Whatsapp-like stickers on the desktop with “Stickers” on the Windows 11 desktop.

For example a crying stuffed animal, a large anchor, a waving person, a person hiding behind the wall or a figure flying away. Don’t you believe it? Then see for yourself in the screenshot below (from

Windows stickers in action


Windows stickers in action


Of course, the question arises as to who needs it or has missed it on the desktop so far. We would have hoped that “Stickers” could be used to pin some useful notes (with text and images and such) to the desktop. And are therefore very disappointed.

Instead, the “Stickers” feature appears to be something more geared toward toddlers or Windows users who are fairly young at heart. In any case, we can’t see any real utility in “Stickers” at the moment. At most maybe for Microsoft, if there were to be paid stickers in the Microsoft Store, which would not surprise us.

Of course, it cannot be ruled out that Microsoft will add some more mature functions to “Stickers”. In any case, we would be pleasantly surprised.

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