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He participated in the video series Quarantine cookingchefs watched as I tried to cook their recipes at home. Chef Yuri Verbeek danced in his kitchen, the energy splashed from the screen. A day later, he called: “Hey Felix, I called Sai and he is participating.”

Yuri sometimes forgets that not everyone can follow their leaps of thought. “My childhood friend Sai. I met babi pangang with his parents. Now I thought that Sai and I are going to make babi pangang and that people can pick it up. Then they also get a Chinese calendar and then Sai keeps shouting: “Sambal!”

This gentleman chef / artist has done just that. People from Delft and the surrounding area made reservations and enjoyed the tastiest babi ever.

But then a few days later, “Guess what, Felix, Sai hasn’t had such a fun childhood at all. It’s stupid that I didn’t know that. Oh, I have a plan, I want to hang a guitarist / singer with an aerial platform above the people waiting for the takeout. That he plays songs. Laughing right ?! ”

My son sent me a WhatsApp after seeing the video with Yuri: “Dad, I want to learn from that man.” He did not add which lesson. In everything of course!

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