Welcome to Winterlake: Tormented Souls is inspired by Resident Evil and Silent Hill

If you announce in the message about your game that you were inspired by Resident Evil and Silent Hill, then it not only attracts attention. But also expectations, of course. PQube Games has the “classic” survival horror game together with Dual Effect and Abstract Digital Works Tormented Souls announced for PCs, Nintendo Switch and next-gen consoles. The previously announced versions for PS4 and Xbox One seem to be deleted.

One would like to adopt characteristic elements of classic survival horror games such as the rigid perspective, but at the same time offer improved control schemes. Otherwise one would like to tie in with everything that has made classics of the genre so popular.

A mansion – of course

Players take on the role of Caroline, who was lured by fate (or was it something else?) To the small town of Winterlake. You guessed it: Hell awaits them there. The setting, of course: a mansion.

You are investigating the disappearance of twin girls. But suddenly you wake up. In a bathtub, naked. And hooked up to run-down medical equipment.

Tormented Souls is due to appear for the platforms mentioned later this year. A physical release is also planned. You can see the announcement trailer below.

Images: Tormented Souls, pQube Games, Dual Effect, Abstract Digital Works


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