‘Well-known YouTuber and speedrunner Apollo Legend commits suicide’

The police have informed several YouTubers about this. A public statement about his death has not yet been published.

Apollo Legend has been making videos since 2015 in which he tries to set world records in games. He succeeded that year in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, in which he set the fastest time in the ‘Ganonless’ category. In addition, players abuse a code error to finish the game faster.

He started a YouTube channel in 2016 on which he commented on other people’s record attempts. He came into the spotlight when he repeatedly accused record holders of cheating.

Lawsuit over Donkey Kong

Apollo Legend made a video about Donkey Kong record holder Billy Mitchell, who turned out to have used emulation software for his record. This allowed him to theoretically influence the game, which also erased his score from a prominent record site. Mitchell called the video libel and went to court.

At the end of December, he posted a video that he called his “last update”. In it he said he wanted to end his life because of mental and physical problems. He said arguments with two other YouTubers had given him the final push.

YouTube removed the video shortly after publication, as suicide material is not allowed on the platform.


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