Wertmeister 2022: These are the cars with the best value retention

Vanlife and the newly discovered love of camping have arrived in Germany. Buses have never been as sought-after as they are today, and vans are correspondingly stable in value. With more than 68 percent, the Mercedes V-Class is in first place and is value champion in 2022 across all classes. The VW Multivan also achieved a good result with 64.5 percent. No surprise, the angular boxes are practical and offer a lot of space.


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But not only bus lovers should read the Wertmeister carefully, because the tables on this and the following pages contain the cars in Germany with the most stable value, determined by the market research professionals from Schwacke, who evaluated millions of data for this and determined the cars with the most stable value together with AUTO BILD. In 13 classes, from small cars to e-cars to sports cars, you will find models for which you will get the most money if you later sell them as used cars.

How is it evaluated?

How AUTO BILD determines this data specifically? We are supported by the market research professionals from Schwacke. For 65 years, the Schwacke list has been the epitome of a reliable advisor for determining the residual value of vehicles. Today, in addition to vehicle data, valuations, residual value forecasts and market analyses, Schwacke also offers extensive used vehicle management solutions and software developments. As the only valuation specialist, Schwacke also takes into account the individual special equipment of a car model. When you sell your car, this can significantly increase its value.

The evaluation is also helpful if you want to check a used vehicle. AUTO BILD continuously receives technical data and equipment as well as current market information from Schwacke. For example, the forecasts for the residual value are included in the scoring of tests.

This is how the Wertmeister is created

1. Market observation: Schwacke evaluates used car prices for around 50,000 historical and current car models in Germany based on approx. 1.5 million monthly market observations (internet portals, dealers, manufacturers, importers). In addition, statistical data on new registrations, changes of ownership, inventory figures and downtimes are included.

2. The classification, mileage and equipment adjustment: There are a total of 13 main segments, specifically these are the vehicle classes with the greatest market coverage in Germany. Each segment is based on a class-specific average mileage, based on a four-year (48-month) holding period:

➤ 11,000 km/year for electric vehicles up to 40,000 euros
➤ 11,000 km/year for micro and small cars
➤ 15,000 km/year for compact cars, compact SUVs, medium-sized SUVs and sports cars
➤ 20,000 km/year for electric vehicles over 40,000 euros
➤ 20,000 km/year for all other classes.

Schwacke has defined specific equipment for each segment, which the valuation specialist expects to be standard when resale in four years’ time. These serve as a benchmark for the vehicles in the respective segment. If necessary, all vehicles have been equipped with special equipment according to these specifications so that they have at least the specified equipment in their segment.

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In co-operation with

3. The prognosis: External factors as well as brand and model-specific data are included here.

a) external factors (independent of model):
➤ general economic development
➤ new laws and regulations
➤ Market and customer trends

b) Brand and model specific factors:
➤ Product concept, design, specifications, equipment lines, optional extras
➤ List price with discount level and behavior
➤ Operating costs
➤ Product quality
➤ Manufacturer or importer volume and segment planning
➤ Age of the vehicle (life cycle): How long has the model existed? Is there a facelift or model change?

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These are the value champions of 2022

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