Western Digital announces hard drives with 22 and 26 TB

With the Ultrastar series, manufacturer Western Digital offers hard drives in 3.5-inch format with 22 and 26 gigabytes.

If you are looking for a huge hard drive to store family photos, films or music on, you can fall back on HDDs with ever-increasing capacities. The manufacturer Western Digital has now expanded its Ultrastar series with 3.5-inch drives with 22 and 26 gigabytes. The CMR model DC HC570 HDD accommodates 2.2 TB on one disk. The DC HC670 UltraSMR HDD hard disk based on SMR technology can store even 2.6 TB on one disk. This results in hard drives on which 22 or even 26 TB of data can be stored.

Helium, three-speed motor and OptiNAND

In order to accommodate so much data in a comparatively small space, the manufacturer had to put in a lot of effort. Both drives are filled with helium to further reduce the friction of the spinning discs and thus fit more of it in the case. The up to nine discs rotate at up to 7,200 revolutions per minute. A three-speed motor is designed to save energy and keep wear and tear to a minimum. A 512 MB DRAM cache is installed in both drives for high transmission speeds. A technology called “ OptiNAND ” should also increase the number of IOPS by up to 40 percent.

WD Red Pro, Purple and Gold will follow

According to the manufacturer, 550 TB can be written to the hard drives per year. The default rate is 0.35 percent per year. Western Digital has not yet released any information on price and availability. However, a start of sales is to be expected in the course of the year. Selected partners have already received corresponding samples. Western Digital also plans to offer the WD Red Pro, Purple and Gold series with capacities of up to 22 TB this year.

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