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‘What a good day Bridget will have’

Many soap can still suck a big point, but André Hazes and Monique Westenberg have split up again. There is plenty of response to the news on social media.

André Hazes was so sure. He wanted to share the rest of his life with Monique and recently went to his knees with the cameras pointed at him. Monique said yes on 12-12-2020.

Management André and Monique

Less than three months later, the couple split up again and there is communication through their management. She says that he has chosen to leave the family. Today she posted a photo of her and their son on Instagram, with a word that did not apply to the love between her and André. “Unconditional.” It is responded to with a lot of hearts by many people, including her sister-in-law who did not really become her sister-in-law. There is also a lot of reaction to that.

Hazes says that he and Monique had different expectations about how they wanted to organize their lives. “We have been through a lot in recent years and overcome many bumps. But it doesn’t seem to work this way for us. I think that with this decision, no matter how difficult and sad it may be, I can also be a better father towards our son. ”

Not everyone responds seriously to the break-up, which of course was also to be expected if your love life is even more changeable than the R.


“I have to lie down!” Jan de Hoop responds on the now really definitive break (although you never know for sure with this couple) between André and Monique. He adds a number of hashtags: #Breath in breath out #lovehelp #you don’t expect it #how much one person can have. His message is appreciated by many. “What a good day Bridget will have!”, Someone writes below, also with a hashtag #Hazesmoe.

News is spreading like wildfire on social media. “André Hazes makes decisions about marriages like I go shopping with hunger”, someone writes.

There is also a lot of speculation about the real reason for the breakup, with a striking number of elderly women passing in review, and the (bad) jokes are not out of the blue.

And someone is completely sure:

Push notification

Despite the fact that # AndréHazes was trending all morning on Twitter, many people don’t care at all and that the news was brought by some media through a push message, not everyone was well received. “What kind of stupid stuff this is now, a push message about break up Andre Hazes and girlfriend. News sites just do normal or something !! People break up every day and it seems to me that push messages are for really important things, such as resolution coronashit et cetera. ” After which follows an addition of other news that does not require a push message.

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Numerous reactions to André and Monique: “What a good day Bridget will have!”


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