What a vacation at an all-inclusive resort really looks like

resort views Jamaica
resort views Jamaica
Steve Bennett / Flickr

The “all” in “all inclusive” may have more exceptions than you think. Drinks, WiFi, and beach activities are just a few examples of how hidden fees can creep into vacation packages.

The all-inclusive model, conceived by the Club Med hotel chain in the 1950s, now applies to both mountain ski resorts and island destinations. In addition, cruise lines often take passengers to tropical locations and offer all-inclusive packages themselves.

While some luxury venues offer packages tailored to the individual interests of their guests, it is usually cheaper to book the lowest room rate and pay for your own dinner. An undercover test by NBC News Today showed that guests were able to save more than 450 euros with the pay-as-you-go practice.

Click through the slideshow to see the all-inclusive resorts at which long queues in front of Caribbean buffets or ski lifts can spoil your vacation.

These photos will open your eyes to what an all-inclusive resort vacation really looks like


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