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what do you need to make programs as a new broadcaster?

More and more people, it seems, are somewhat fed up with the NPO, BNNVARA, and KRO-NCRV. The “alternative” broadcasters in our country are popping up like mushrooms. Broadcaster Black recently achieved the required 50,000 members, but what else do you need to be able to (and be allowed) to broadcast programs?

Last night Jos B.’s lawyer, Gerald Roethof, joined in Beau. His sister has recently been broadcasting EVNS (evenness, or equality) was founded together with Rahel de Vriend. EVNS wants to make programs from a feminine and inclusive point of view.

They do so, they say, because “a lot of us only see ourselves on TV to a limited extent and a lack of role models limits dreaming.” The first thing you need as a new broadcaster is a certain number of members. 50,000 to be precise, and only then are you allowed to join the public broadcasting system.

And what do you need to recruit members? Attention. Roethof was among them Beau to talk about the Nicky Verstappen case, but cited the death of the then 11-year-old boy for a PR moment.

Advertising via Jos B.

Gerald Roethof, so lawyer of Jos B. and brother of EVNSfounder Mildred Roethof, discussed Jos B’s case with Beau van Erven Dorens during the program. But towards the end of the conversation, Roethof was actually mainly advertising his sister’s broadcaster. According to the lawyer, a documentary is being made about the case, from the perspective of the Public Prosecution Service and the police. But Roethof thinks that this documentary will paint a too one-sided picture of Jos B.

“My client says,” I have been condemned by the media. There is no neutral image of me. “On that basis, I asked my sister Mildred Roethof, a documentary maker:” Make a documentary of this case to counteract that one-sided image. “

Logo on the shirt

So the idea, said the lawyer, is that that documentary is made by EVNS. “They need 50,000 members and the idea is that it should be sent there in the future.” Roethof was wearing a shirt with the logo of EVNS on it.

Starting a broadcaster to tell stories from multiple perspectives is a positive thing, but to advertise it in this way? Several viewers of the program thought it was not possible: „Roethof makes a brief advertisement for his sister’s broadcaster over the back of a dead 11-year-old boy. Disgusting. Disgusting. No words for it. ”


Okay, let’s go back to those “alternative” broadcasters. Broadcaster Black has been in the news several times and has now also brought in enough members. You can say that they are already well on the map. But besides EVNS another new broadcaster has been founded: PAC. They call themselves a broadcaster for the Asian Dutch, and therefore want to make programs from an Asian perspective.

On Instagram they call on followers to become members: “Do you have a thing for Asia? Then join NOW PAC! ” PAC stands for Pan-Asian Connections. “We share inspiring stories that clarify the connection between the Netherlands and Asia. This to increase the visibility of Asian Dutch people. After all, this time of increasing polarization and hardening requires a society with more harmony and togetherness ”, says an announcement. They also find characters such as Ushi by Wendy van Dijk outdated.

Money and originality

So many new broadcasters are working on more inclusive programs, from perspectives not normally seen on TV. That is a good initiative, but with just those 50,000 members you are not there yet. Then you can join the public broadcasting system, yes, but you are not making programs yet. In fact, with 50,000 members you will receive provisional recognition. With that you may then broadcast programs on the public broadcaster.

Until recently, new broadcasters had to have at least 150,000 members after one year of recognition, who pay at least 5.72 euros per year to be allowed to be a member. But at the beginning of November, the House of Representatives approved a new media law, which states that 50,000 members are retained enough to continue as a broadcaster. For example, The Hague wants to ensure that the broadcasting system remains open to newcomers.

But with only ten thousand members you cannot make it. A broadcaster also needs money to be able to make various programs. And if 50,000 members all pay ten euros a year to be allowed to be a member, that already brings in 500,000 euros. Originality is another important requirement. Broadcasters like Broadcaster Black, PAC or EVNS must distinguish themselves from broadcasters that already exist. That means new programs, fresh ideas and stories from different perspectives. And if we can believe the broadcasters themselves, that is a cup of coffee.

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