What is important for drivers in the traffic light coalition agreement

Now it is official: Germany is getting the first red-green-yellow federal government in its history – a so-called Traffic light coalition under the new Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD). Of the Coalition agreement (here as PDF for download) by SPD, Greens and FDP comprises 178 pages.

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Big surprise: that Ministry of Transport – the department with the largest investment budget – does not go to the Greens, but rather to the FDP. Transport Minister will most likely be the previous Secretary General of the Liberals, Volker Wissing.

Volker Wissing

Volker Wissing (FDP) already worked as a minister in a traffic light coalition in Rhineland-Palatinate.

It is therefore also clear that a Traffic turnaround is initiated, but it is nowhere near as radical as feared from a motorist’s point of view or hoped from an environmental protection perspective. So it won’t be a General speed limit on highways (maximum 130 km / h) and country roads (80 km / h) still nationwide 30 km / h give in cities. the Commuter flat rate remains, even a higher one CO2 tax is off the table, even relief at the gas station seems possible (here are fuel-saving tips). For the Electromobility there are new goals that Driving license acquisition could soon be possible even earlier. These are the contents of the submitted Traffic light coalition agreement:

Traffic content in the coalition agreement of the traffic light government

Traffic routes


It will be a new one Federal Transport Infrastructure and Mobility Plan 2040 on the way. According to the coalition agreement will be “significant” more invested in rail, local transport is also to be strengthened. “We are striving for a new infrastructure consensus on federal transport routes,” says the paper by the SPD, Greens and FDP. And the train must be in all of Germany Backbone of mobility – even in rural areas. We are focusing on the expansion of the rail infrastructure and rail operations. “



Both Federal trunk roads wants the traffic light to have a stronger focus on Preservation and renovation place, “with a special focus on engineering structures”. The “share of maintenance funds” will be gradually increased until 2025 as the budget grows. A general one Construction stop for highways but it will to not give. The coexistence of the private Autobahn GmbH and the German Unity Fernstraßenplanungs- und -bau Gesellschaft (DEGES) will be abolished. The SPD, Greens and FDP want to conclude a long-term financing agreement between the federal government and Autobahn GmbH.

Speed ​​limit


“A general one There will be no speed limit“is on page 54 of the coalition agreement under the heading” Traffic Regulations “. This means that an apparently never-ending discussion is off the table for at least four years – but probably not forever.

CO2 tax and fuel prices


The CO2 tax will be increased to 55 euros per ton by 2025. An even greater increase, as the Greens have striven for to achieve the climate goals, is therefore not available. However, the climate tax should not fall below 60 euros / ton in the long term.

driver’s license


Of the Acquisition of the driver’s license should be feasible earlier, that accompanied driving already from 16 instead of 17 years become possible.

Electric cars


Energy tax


“Mobility must remain affordable and must not become a luxury,” said the transport minister-designate Volker Wissing (FDP) at BILD TV. The state could counteract rising costs of energy sources by “at the Taxation of Energy or also at Energy levies Relief creates “. Specifically, that could mean: Abolishing the EEG surcharge, which accounts for a good fifth of the electricity price. Or: Lowering the energy tax, which is more than 65 cents per liter of petrol.

Traffic safety


The coalition partners have agreed to implement Vision Zero (zero traffic fatalities on German roads) Road safety program to develop further. Technical systems should also contribute to security. The contract also states: “We want emergency braking and distance assistants not to be switched off in commercial vehicles. We will continue to promote the retrofitting of truck turning assistance systems until it is mandatory.”

Truck toll


the Truck toll should be expanded and geared even more closely to the CO2 burden. The billions in income should no longer go into the streets, but flow into the rail. “We will use the additional income for mobility,” says the coalition agreement.

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