What is my car worth: determine the vehicle value

If you want to sell your car on the used car market, the first question naturally arises: what is my car worth? The naming of a realistic price increases the chance of a successful sale. Because of course you don’t want to sell the vehicle below value. An excessive price deters prospective buyers from the outset. But what possibilities are there to arrive at a realistic assessment? AUTO BILD provides an overview!


Sell ​​your car easily online at the best price

Top prices from verified buyers – personal advice – hassle-free processing thanks to free collection!

Comparison in used car exchanges

A comparison with the large Internet used car exchanges can often give a good overview of the market value of a car. Important portals include and AutoScout24. HeyCar, AUTO BILD’s cooperation partner, is also a good address. However, the used cars at HeyCar are no more than eight years old. You won’t find comparable models for older vehicles there.

Search the exchanges for comparable models. This means that not only the make and model must be identical, but also the year of manufacture or the year of first registration, mileage, type of fuel and engine, body type (sedan, station wagon, convertible, Sportback, etc.) and the number of doors. Whether it is an accident-free car or not should also be taken into account when making a comparison.

If you use the detailed search on the large internet exchanges, the vehicles can even be filtered according to other criteria such as special equipment/extras and even color. In the end, a manageable number of offers often remains, from which an average price or a reasonably realistic price range can be derived.

Vehicle price calculator online

Entering the manufacturer and type code from the vehicle registration is even easier. After just a few clicks, the calculator calculates the current market value of the vehicle. However, without special equipment. The actual value of the car can therefore be significantly higher than the result of the online calculator.

Excerpt from the Schwacke list

The Schwacke list is generally regarded as the reference list for the valuation of used vehicles. Unfortunately, online queries for private customers, which used to be available for a small fee, are no longer offered as of 2020. The Schwacke offer is only aimed at commercial customers – the services offered are not suitable for private customers who only need individual valuations.

purchase portals on the Internet

Purchase portals or online auction portals such as* and, which specialize in buying used cars, are also a good option for determining the value. carsale24 has the advantage that the price determined online is the actual sales price. There are no later surprises, such as a renegotiation. And: Equipment, history and condition are already taken into account in the bid.

However, the price is often slightly below the actual value of the car. Finally, the buyers still have to invest in processing and guarantees and are interested in making a profit from the resale. In order to remain competitive, the prices are calculated strictly.


Sell ​​your car easily online at the best price

Top prices from verified buyers – personal advice – hassle-free processing thanks to free collection!

What you also need to know: Anyone who offers their car on an auction portal must also sell it later, provided that the purchase offer from a dealer corresponds to the seller’s asking price. You should only use a purchase portal if you are willing to actually sell the car via the portal. You can read more details about purchase portals in our large practical test.

Professional appraisal

If you want a neutral, independent evaluation of your car, you cannot avoid a visit to the appraiser. TÜV or DEKRA, for example, prepare such an appraisal.

Because of the effort, the report is not cheap either: Usually between 150 and 300 euros are due. The final price depends on the vehicle. Financially, the professional appraisal is particularly worthwhile for owners of classic cars who are still hoping for an increase in value.

* Editor’s note: carsale24 is a cooperation partner of AUTO BILD

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