What is Tesla planning with the Model 3? New bikes have now been discovered and transports begin

Tesla has so far been silent, but fans on Twitter are discovering more and more details about a revision of the Model 3. At the end of this week, rumors first emerged that the Fremont electric car plant was already producing a modified version of the basic Tesla; There were reports of double glass for the side panes, darker material for the roof lining, a new center console and exterior decorations in black instead of chrome. The console was soon photographed individually, and later pictures of what were probably new Model 3s on vans followed – and these showed that Tesla has apparently also changed the wheels.

New wheels on Tesla vans

In addition to the curious on Twitter, the Electrek blog reported on the sightings of modified Model 3s on vans near the Fremont plant. You can recognize them, among other things, by the black bezels of the side cameras; the door handles are only partially black (but this could be due to adhesive foil for transport). Also seen in the photos that a reader is said to have sent to the blog: The Tesla Model 3 on it have new wheels.

According to Electrek, their design is similar to the 19-inch sports rims that Tesla offers as an extra for the Model 3, but there are small differences. The new version has a flatter and more extensive design, which could mean advantages for wind slipperiness and thus range. In the comments and on Twitter it was also written that instead of aluminum rims, the photos may show new aero covers for 19-inch rims; the very matte surface speaks for it. So far, there has only been such a dichotomy for the rims for the Model 3 standard range plus with 18 inches: A dark rim has an easily removable cover for better aerodynamics.


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As with the new center console in Model 3, Tesla fans were remarkably divided on whether or not the new rim design was an improvement. Independently of this, there was also intensive discussion of how the various observations for Model 3 should be interpreted.

Tesla website still without any information

It is obvious that Tesla has made specific changes to its smallest model to date, but initially there was no indication of this on the website. Both the US and Germany pages on Model 3 looked unchanged on Sunday. It was therefore speculated that the electric cars now seen on vans were intended for export to markets other than the USA. As soon as they get there, Tesla could announce the worldwide switch to the latest version. Then the question should also be clarified whether the Model 3 like the Model Y gets an energy-saving heat pump, which also speaks a lot.


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