What is wrong with telecom operator Scarlet? “I’ve been without a telephone, TV and internet for two months”

It is not the first time that “The Inspector” has been inundated with Scarlet complaints. That also happened in November 2018, after Scarlet made changes to the IT systems. Even then, customers had to wait weeks for a solution. History seems to be repeating itself.

Burst into tears

Monik van Geel from Wommelgem is one of the victims who has been waiting for a solution for months: “Everything started with my move at the end of last year. I have been a satisfied customer at Scarlet for years and I also wanted to stay in my new Scarlet apartment. But the connection is not working as it should. I have already received 5 appointments for the connection that are each time canceled the day before. So I have been without telephone, internet and TV since 23 December. Something that is extra difficult in this corona period . “

After two months, Monik is serious about it: “The last time they canceled the appointment, I burst into tears after the phone call.” For now, a solution is still waiting for Monik.

Monik is by no means the only listener to have problems with Scarlet. The problems with the mother of Koen Monu from Kalmthout already started in November. “In November last year my mother decided to switch to Scarlet for her fixed telephone line, their rates seemed interesting to her. On November 16 the technician comes by to adjust everything, but on November 20 the telephone line suddenly stops working. The technician comes by again, but half a day later the line goes out again. “, Koen responds in” The inspector “.

Koen’s mother has been without a landline for three months, until last week. “We kept pushing for a solution for weeks and luckily we got it last week. Thanks to the Scarlet technicians who clearly understood that my mother is 85 and depends on that landline for communication.”

Ombudsman notices problems too

Luc Tuerlinckx is the ombudsman for the telecom sector and confirms the problems at Scarlet. “Since November last year, the ombudsman service has also received noticeably more complaints about Scarlet. Such an influx of Scarlet complaints is not the first time. In November 2018, Scarlet also faced many complaints after adjustments to their IT system. This time, however, the complaints are a little more urgent because of the corona situation. People work at home or follow lessons at home and are therefore very dependent on their internet connection. What we as ombudsman service also notice is that Scarlet’s customer service is very difficult to reach, so that problems persist for weeks and months “.

Sorry from Scarlet

Scarlet acknowledges the problems and says that this time too, adjustments in their IT systems are the basis, says Fabrice Gansbeke of Proximus in “The inspector”.

“In November, Scarlet switched to a new IT system in which all interactions with the customer are managed. That system should bring several improvements for the customers in the future, such as a better customer zone and clearer invoices. Unfortunately, that switch has been accompanied by several problems and we would like to apologize to the customers for that ”.

According to Gansbeke, today’s problems cannot be compared with the problems in 2018. At that time, it concerned completely different systems that had to be adapted.

Solution within weeks

But when does Scarlet expect to get today’s problems solved? “Today, all technical problems have been resolved, but we are still lagging behind towards the customers. We have already deployed extra people to clear that backlog as quickly as possible. We promise our affected customers that the in the coming weeks a solution will certainly be found for their problem ”.

Anyone who has problems with their telecom operator can of course always submit a complaint to the telecom ombuds service. They then try to find a solution for the customer through mediation. You can reach the ombuds service here.


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