What kind of driver are you? Online test provides insight into your own driving behavior

This concerns, for example, driving in a busy city, in the dark, in the pouring rain, at a busy intersection or on an unfamiliar highway. The test shows whether someone is relaxed, operates dashboard instruments smoothly or, for example, is parking easily.

Free and anonymous

After completing the ‘Driving Awareness Test’, which is online, free and anonymous, the driver will receive tailor-made advice, which should help to drive more consciously and therefore safer.

About 90 percent of all road accidents in the Netherlands are caused by drivers not properly adapting their behavior to the situation.

Road safety

Traffic minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen is pleased with the test. “Even though we currently move less through corona, when we get into the car it is important that it is safe. With this test you as a motorist can get yourself ‘through the scan’ in a fun and easy way. You know immediately what is going well and what possible points of attention are. A great initiative, good for road safety. “


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