What the lockdown could look like: the German model

Chancellor Kurz and more and more experts cite Germany as a role model for the upcoming lockdown in Austria. What was introduced to the neighbors in detail.

A small lockdown is imminent. The federal government wants to announce the measures on Saturday, and the text of the regulation should already be available – unlike before. Austria wants to orientate its measures primarily towards Germany. Not all details will be the same as in the neighboring country, but broadly it will. The German measures therefore give a foretaste of what awaits us in Austria. Germany also restricts private contacts.

And these are the rules:

In public there may only be contacts of a maximum of ten people, and they have to own household or at most a second one Belong to household. Violations are sanctioned.

“Groups of people celebrating in public places, in apartments as well as in private facilities are unacceptable in view of the serious situation. The federal government and the states are working together on the increased controls”, is the joint resolution of the German government with the federal states.

On private trips or visits are to be avoided. This also applies to day-tourist, national excursions.

Accommodation for tourist purposes is prohibitedFor example, business trips (“necessary purposes”) are allowed.

All leisure facilities will be closed:

The cultural scene – theater, opera, concert halls, etc. – will be closed.

Trade fairs, cinemas, amusement parks, amusement arcades are closed.

Brothels have to close.

Recreational and amateur sports have been canceled, unless they are practiced individually, in pairs or with one’s own household.

Swimming pools, saunas, thermal baths and fitness studios must be closed.

All Eventsthat are only for leisure, are prohibited. Professional sport can take place, but without a spectator.

The gastronomy has to closeThe only exceptions are canteens or pick-up food.

Service provider in the field of personal care – Cosmetics, massages, tattoo studios etc – have to close. Only the hairdresser can keep it open and medically necessary treatments (physiotherapy and logotherapy, foot care) can take place.

The Businesses all stay openbut it is no more than one customer per ten square meters allowed. Mask requirement and the usual hygiene program prevail anyway.

Schools and kindergartens remain open, The states decide on necessary partial closings.

The closed companies and associations with up to 50 employees are reimbursed 75 percent of their previous month’s turnover, “with which the company’s fixed costs are lumped”. Larger companies are compensated according to their own rules and procurement law.

There is also the urgent one in Germany appeal to the companies, their employees, if possible, ins Home office to send.

in the border area will the Quarantine rules strictly controlled, it says in the German paper. As is well known, Chancellor Kurz is trying to secure the possibility of a free trial.


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