What to do in the event of a flat tire?

From a physical point of view, a blown tire is a sudden drop in pressure. This can be caused by various types of damage to the tire. The tire becomes unstable as a result of this sudden drop in pressure and begins to “walk”. This mechanical deformation, which occurs while driving, can lead to high temperatures in the tire, which can cause it to break down into its individual parts.

How does a tire blowout occur?

The cause of a tire blowout is, for example, too low tire pressure because the tire is subjected to excessive stress and wear. The wrong relationship between air pressure and load often leads to a blown tire.

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If the vehicle is heavily loaded, you should therefore ensure that the air pressure is adjusted accordingly. How high the air pressure should be for which load weight can be found in the operating instructions for your vehicle. On the other hand, damage to the tire can also lead to a burst tire.

This is the best way to prevent

Check the tire for air pressure every couple of weeks – and for damage. Because dents, cracks or damage (nail, screw, stone) increase the risk of total failure. Do not use your tires for more than eight years, as the risk of failure increases with age. Try to interpret the warning signals correctly, because a flat tire is usually the announcement. Typical are, for example, changed driving noises, vibrations, spongy steering or unusual pulling.

What is the best way to react to a flat tire?

A blown tire causes the car to suddenly pull in one direction. Under no circumstances should the driver get into the iron in a panic, but hold the steering wheel firmly in both hands, counter-steer slightly, brake carefully and let the car coast. It becomes extremely dangerous when a tire on the so-called track-guiding rear axle bursts. Even the slightest steering movement in the wrong direction can cause the car to skid. Then the car can no longer be controlled – and only one thing helps: emergency braking!

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