What will Rutte-4 bring? | Longer lockdown | And Taghi to court

What will we find out today about the plans of the Rutte-4 cabinet? Tomorrow the coalition agreement will be sent to the House, but we can still hope that the men in raincoats, in drafty parking basements, are already letting go of things here and there. Some wild plans have been circulating for a while: Road pricing for example. And free childcare.

Real clarity will not come until tomorrow, but the factions of VVD, D66, CDA and CU are allowed to pee about the plans today. They have roughly a day to read everything and – hopefully for the negotiators – to sign at the cross.

The outgoing cabinet will announce how we can spend Christmas tonight during the corona press conference. In any case, the evening lockdown will be extended by a few weeks. But will the Christmas holidays for schools be brought forward? From 19:00 you can watch live on RTL Z what the cabinet has in store for us. Do you have questions? Then ask them, we will present them to our experts.

A lot of bad people come from Brabant to the Randstad today. EBI residents such as Ridouan Taghi and Saïd R. are expected in the extra-secure court at Schiphol for a new hearing in the Marengo trial. Taghi and his cronies are suspected of, among other things, a series of liquidations.

In these predominantly bleak times, a little culture can’t hurt. Late last night it was announced that Arnon Grunberg has won the PC Hooft Prize for Prose. According to the jury Grunberg has made an ‘immense contribution to Dutch literature’. An amount of 60,000 euros is attached to the oeuvre prize.

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