Whatsapp: 6 tips for perfect voice messages – do you already know them all?

In a etiquette guide, Whatsapp gives users some valuable tips for creating voice messages.

When it comes to voice messages, there are two camps: some users like them, others think they are the plague. But what should a good voice message look like? A etiquette guide for language lessons at Whatsapp, which the advertising agency Trilligent has now put together, is dedicated to this topic. The Berlin agency Trilligent works worldwide as a communications consultant for Meta and thus Whatsapp and Facebook. Ultimately, this is an official guide for Whatsapp voice messages.

The etiquette guide states, among other things, that voice messages should only be sent with “caution”. After all, it is neither fun nor practical to play a long voice message out loud on public transport, for example. According to Whatsapp, users should follow the following tips for voice messages


  • It’s not a podcast:

    Keep it short and limit the message to a maximum of 1 minute. If the thought is too long for a message but too short for a call, the voice message is perfect. And if you get a voice message that’s too long, you can play it back at 1.5x or 2x speed.

  • Bit by bit:

    If a minute really isn’t enough, consider breaking your message into shorter chunks and sending them separately. In this way, the recipients can listen to them in one go or listen to them piece by piece.

  • Quietly:

    Recording voice messages on a busy street or in the middle of a party isn’t exactly fun for the recipients – find a quiet place to record.

  • Less is more:

    Be careful how many questions you ask in a single voice message so recipients don’t forget half of them when they reply.

  • Return the favor:

    If you get a voicemail, try sending one back. A two-way conversation is much better than a one-way rant.

  • Speed ​​is everything:

    Respond to voice messages in a timely manner so that recipients’ efforts are not wasted. If you’re really in a hurry, you can also send a voice message while you’re on the go. Simply press and hold the microphone icon and swipe up to freeze the recording. When you’re done, tap Send to send.

Reading tip: Listen to a Whatsapp voice message before sending it – it’s that easy

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