WhatsApp account still not unusable when refusing new conditions

WhatsApp came up with new conditions at the beginning of this year. They were immediately controversial: WhatsApp may share data with parent company Facebook under the new conditions. That is not allowed in the European Union: such data sharing is prohibited here.

Due to fuss and uncertainty, WhatsApp postponed the introduction from February 8 to May 15. However, there was a big stick: those who would not accept the new conditions would no longer read and send messages after 15 May.

WhatsApp is now returning to that threat, reports The Next Web. With the deadline of May 15 in sight, the site asked WhatsApp about the strict requirement.

‘No accounts deleted on May 15’

“While the majority of users who have received the new terms have accepted them, we understand that some people have not had the opportunity to do so yet. No accounts will be deleted by May 15th and no one will lose WhatsApp functionality. we will continue to remind people in the coming weeks. “


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