WhatsApp: anyone who does not approve a new privacy policy can no longer read or send messages

WhatsApp will change its privacy policy on May 15. This change has already caused a lot of commotion, because it has serious consequences for users. For example, users who do not approve the conditions will no longer be able to read or send messages. They will still receive notifications and can take phone calls.

WhatsApp users who have not accepted the new terms of use before May 15th will no longer be able to send or read messages. The company has announced this through the FAQ section on its website. This new privacy policy means, among other things, that WhatsApp can share certain data with parent company Facebook. It only concerns the data of users who are in contact with companies.

Inactive accounts

WhatsApp announced at the beginning of this year that it would change its privacy policy. That announcement was not too well received. A multitude of users immediately switched to Signal, when not much would really change for Europeans.

WhatsApp may only share the data of European users within Europe. Since Facebook is an American company, WhatsApp is not allowed to share data with it.


About two weeks later, the company announced that the adjustment of the policy would be postponed. The changes would normally have taken effect on February 8, but have been moved to May 15. Users who have not approved the new terms and conditions will be treated as inactive accounts.

Inactive accounts

Such inactive accounts are put on some sort of sleep mode for four months. During those four months, users will still receive notifications and can record phone calls. But reading and sending messages is no longer possible. After those four months, WhatsApp will delete the profiles. Unless they agree to the app’s terms of use.


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