Whatsapp: delete group – that’s how it works

Our quick guide shows you how to leave a Whatsapp group or completely dissolve it on iOS and Android.

Whatsapp groups are a simple and practical solution to share media or information with several people at the same time, be it the family, a flat share chat or planning the next birthday party. Of course, you can also leave such a group at any time and delete it if you no longer need it. You can find out how to do this below.

Leave the Whatsapp group and delete it from the overview

As a member of a group chat, you can leave it at any time. Please note, however, that you can only join again via an invitation link.

How to leave a group chat on iOS:

  1. Find the group you want to delete in the Whatsapp chats.

  2. Swipe left on the group on the main view and select the option


  3. A submenu opens. From there, click on the option

    “Leave the group”.

  4. Confirm the subsequent question by clicking again

    “Leave the group”.

  5. Repeat step 2 to remove the group from your chats.

  6. To do this, select the option in the submenu

    “Delete group”.

  7. Again, Whatsapp asks you to confirm, so you have to click on a second time

    “Delete group”


  8. You have now deleted the group from your chats and iPhone storage.

How to leave a group chat on Android:

  1. Find the group you want to delete in the Whatsapp chats.

  2. Hold your finger on it to highlight it and unlock further options in the top menu.

  3. Click on the three dots there.

  4. In the menu tap on ”

    leave the group

    “And to confirm again on”



  5. To remove the group from the chats, repeat step 2 and then tap the trash can icon at the top of the menu.

  6. Click on ”


    “. The group will then no longer be listed in your chats and will be removed from storage.

Dissolve Whatsapp group

A second possibility of deletion is the complete dissolution of the group. However, there are two requirements for this:

  1. You must have admin rights in the group.

  2. All participants (including yourself) must have left the group.

You can then remove the group in the Whatsapp chat section along with the chat history (instructions above from step 5).

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