Whatsapp for Android gets new emojis

Users of the WhatsApp beta app for Google’s Android can now try out a new emoji set.

Messenger Whatsapp is delivering a new emoji set this week. The new Unicode emojis were first available for Whatsapp’s iOS client, and now Google’s Android mobile operating system is also available.

Emojis for the time being only in the Whatsapp beta

For the time being, however, the new emoji set will only be available to users of the WhatsApp beta app. To be able to use the new emojis, you should update your Whatsapp client to version or higher. In order to use the emojis in the chat, the message recipient should also have the latest beta version of Whatsapp. It is not yet known when the emojis will be available to all users.

More new features in the works

In addition to a new emoji set, Whatsapp is working on other new features for its users. These include new drawing tools and the ability to respond to messages. A reaction emoji feature was recently introduced for Android users. Whatsapp desktop client users have also been able to access a sticker tab for a few days.

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