Whatsapp for Windows is available for download – the decisive advantage

From now on you can install Whatsapp desktop app for Windows 10 and Windows 11. That’s how it works and that’s the decisive advantage.

A native Windows app is now available for Whatsapp, as Meta reports. You can download the Whatsapp desktop app from the Windows store and install it for free.

According to the description in the Windows Store, the native app for Whatsapp is only available in English. But the installation on our German-speaking Windows 10 notebook worked perfectly and the native Whatsapp Windows app is presented to us in German throughout.

This is the key advantage of the desktop app

Nothing changes in terms of operation and range of functions, you can now use Whatsapp on the Windows computer with the app as well as on your smartphone. So far, however, you had to use the web app if you wanted to send or read messages from the Windows computer with Whatsapp. Alternatively, you could also use the beta version of Whatsapp’s native Windows app. Whatsapp has now replaced this beta version with the final version.

Meta promises that the native app would work faster and more reliably than the web app. You can also use Whatsapp with the native Windows desktop app even when your smartphone is switched off. This is the main advantage of the native Windows app over the web app.


You download the Whatsapp desktop app for Windows, you can find the download here: Whatsapp for Windows 10 and Windows 11 (native app). Then tap on your smartphone, on which Whatsapp is already set up, on “Settings, Linked devices” and then on “Add device”. Then follow the instructions in the app, basically it’s just a matter of scanning the QR code that the Whatsapp desktop app for Windows shows with the Whatsapp app on the smartphone. The setup worked for us within a few seconds without any problems.

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